Purchase Application in Nepal: Streamlining Procurement for All Business Sizes


The BISage Purchase Application is a dynamic and user-friendly module designed to meet the diverse automation needs of businesses, from Micro to Large Enterprises. Our Application supports both Domestic and International Procurement,

ensuring efficient and cost-effective purchasing processes.

Why Choose BISage Purchase Application?

  • Comprehensive Procurement: Manages domestic and international purchases, covering goods, services, and intangible assets.
  • Tailored Solutions: Available in Lite, Basic, Standard, and Pro editions to suit various business requirements.
  • Improved Efficiency: Enhances procurement efficiency, cost savings, and inventory control.

Key Features

Supplier Management

  • Supplier Database: Maintain detailed records of all suppliers for easy access and management.

Procurement Processes

  • Purchase Order: Create and manage purchase orders efficiently.
  • Domestic Procurement: Handle local purchases with ease.
  • International Procurement: Manage international procurement, including proper costing at different levels.
  • Purchase Management: Oversee all purchase activities.
  • Purchase Return: Manage returns seamlessly.
  • Resource Purchase Cost: Track the cost of resources accurately.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Purchase Reports: Generate detailed reports on all purchase activities.
  • Purchase Return Reports: Track and analyze returned purchases.
  • Purchase Master Reports: Access comprehensive reports on procurement data.

Settings and Customization

  • Flexible Settings: Customize the module to fit specific business needs.

Inventory Management

  • Valuation Methods: Supports FIFO and WAM valuation for stock and consumable items.
  • Store Management: Includes features like Store In, Store, Resource Transfer, and Wastage.
  • Inventory Reports: Generate Stock, Consumable, Stock Record, and Expiry reports.


  • Scalability: Suitable for Micro, Mini, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises across various industries, including service, FMCG, supermarkets, automobiles, and trading companies.
  • Cost Savings: Ensures cost-effective procurement and better inventory control.
  • Flexibility: Available in different editions to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

Modules and Menus

Purchase Module

  • Supplier Database
  • Purchase Order
  • Domestic Procurement
  • International Procurement
  • Purchase and Purchase Return
  • Resource Purchase Cost
  • Reports:
    • Purchase Report and Purchase Return Report
    • Purchase Master Report
  • Settings

Inventory Module

  • Store In
  • Store
  • Resource Transfer
  • Wastage
  • Reports:
    • Stock Report
    • Consumable Report
    • Stock Record Report
    • Expiry Report
  • Settings

Proven Success

The BISage Purchase Application is tried and tested, with a growing clientele from various industries. Our solution is trusted by Micro to Large Enterprises, ensuring streamlined procurement and inventory processes.

Get Started Today! Enhance your procurement efficiency with the BISage Purchase Application. Contact us for a demo and discover how our solution can transform your purchasing and inventory management.