Enterprise Application in Nepal


Enterprise Application is a dynamic and web-based all-in-one application that automates the entire operation of the company/organization, ensuring overall efficiency over time with a set of success metrics. Our Business Intelligence Solution (BIS) is an ERP Software in Nepal customized and developed under agile methodology.

BIS ERP Solution aligns with a domicile business environment further localizing it in compliance with local regulatory environment, business principles and practices followed. The application is suitable for all the Micro, Mini, Small, Medium and Large size enterprises from across all industries. BIS is equally suitable for Non-Profit Organizations too.

Enterprise Application includes Online Accounting, IRD Listed Billing, Purchase, Inventory, and HR Management Applications including Payroll Management and Compliance Management. It is customized under BIS Lite, BIS Basic, BIS Standard, BIS Pro, BIS Premium, and BIS ERP editions.

This Enterprise Application is available in both SaaS and License models, with different series targeting different sized Enterprises. Any enterprise/ organization can hire any of the editions within each enterprise category based on client’s requirements, transactions, employee size, and spending capacity. Upgrades to higher editions are available for the Enterprise series in both SaaS and License model.

BIS Lite          BIS Basic          BIS Standard         BIS Pro         BIS Premium        BIS ERP 

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