This is a unique module developed to manage the task flow/assignment for our client to track the activities and performance thereon ensuring an efficient operation. It assists in daily task assignment and tracking of each employee’s activities, as well as providing a status report. This module generates the End of the Day (EOD) Report for all the routine tasks, target-based tasks and specific tasks across the Departments, Units and Sub-Units. Every employee (User) makes an EOD on a daily basis and the respective supervisors can approve the task.

Task Flow Module generates a comprehensive report with customized filter options catering all three types of Task viz. Routine, Target-based and Specific Tasks. Task Flow Management is based on Job Description (JD) with Scope of Work (SoW) and further segmented into Routine, Target-based and Specific Task to systematize the whole operation. This module is primarily targeted for those enterprises having an organized business set up through a proper policy documentation.