When was BISage established?

BISage was established in January 2013 as a Management Consulting Company.

Where is the company based?

The company is based at KMPC-31, Shantinagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

What are the work days and working hour?

The company remains open 6 days in a week and office opens at 9:00 AM and Closes at 6:00 PM. General administration remains close in the holidays but support remains open across the week.

How is communication made with BISage system?

You can make inquiries on sales related matters through landline telephone, email or customer care as convenient. Please click the link for further information.

Can we use BIS Application for decentralized operation?

Yes, BIS is a web-based application, so it can be used for decentralized operation according to your organizational set up.

Is the Application available worldwide?

BIS is currently available for Nepal market only and planning to expand BIS Applications to international market in the near future.

Is the Application available for demo?

Yes, you can have a demo upon request.

Is the Application available for trial?

Yes, the application is available for trial for specified period based on industry specific category that can be requested through the webpage. Please click the link for a trial request.

Is the Application web based or desktop based?

BIS is the Web based Application.

What is the technology used for developing BIS Application?

Framework: Microsoft.Net
Programming Language: C#
Coding: C#
Database: Microsoft, SQL Server, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap

What is the development methodology?

BIS is developed on agile methodology.

Where is the BIS server located?

BIS server is located in Nepal.

How do you assure the quality of BIS Application?

BIS Application is tested through manual, automation, unit, integrated, load and user acceptance testing.

Is BIS Application user friendly?

Yes, BIS Application is very user friendly as user is to work under pre-defined environment.

What is the system requirement for running the Application?

The basic requirement for system is specified in the link for efficient and smooth functioning of Application.

Is BIS Application certified by SSL?

Yes, BIS Application is SSL certified to keep the application secured.

Is BIS compatible for API integration?

Yes, the Application is compatible with third party API integration.

Is two way verification featured in the Application?

Yes, user can enable two factor authentication through user profile or admin user can enable two way verification through user admin as required.

How is the data backup taken?

Full back up is taken in every 24 hours, differential backup in every 4 hours and transaction log is backed up in every 1 hour.

What are the Applications Developed by BISage?

BISage develops Applications in Module as well as Enterprise Editions to suit the customized needs of clients across the industry. Both Module and Enterprise Application is available now in 4 different series. BIS Premium and BIS ERP is going to be commercialized in the near future. Please click the link to know more about series of BIS Applications.

How is the BIS Application enabled?

BIS Application is enabled both in SaaS (Software as a Service) and License Model. Client can go with any of two models based on their requirements, product features and applicable fee thereof.

How is the fee structure of BIS Application?

BIS Application has a different fee structure for both SaaS and License Model across different editions under different enterprise categories. Please contact at sales@bisage.com.np for further information.

How can we hire a BIS Application?

You need to first make a need analysis depending on the size of your business, transactions and number of employee. You can then approach BISage through website, mail correspondence or direct telephone communication as convenient to you during normal business hour.

Is the Application targeted for Particular Industry?

The Application is targeted for any industry segments including non-profit organization with minor customization. It is suitable for Service-oriented, Communication Technology, Information Technology, Tourism and Construction Industry.

Can I upgrade the Applications to higher edition?

Yes, you can upgrade BIS Application to higher edition within SaaS or License Model as applicable with corresponding upgrade fee without setup charge.

Can I switch my Application from SaaS to License Model?

Yes, you can switch Application from SaaS to License Model with applicable charges.

Can we add the user?

Yes, you can add the user both in SaaS and License model with applicable charges.

Can we customize our Application?

Yes, minor customization if any is done during the deployment of Application but major customization is chargeable. Please contact at sales@bisage.com.np for further details.

Is the user role defined?

Yes, every user is well defined through a dynamic login administration to have the proper managerial control.

What is the estimated time required for the deployment of BIS Applications?

If data is provided in the specified format, it can be deployed in a single work day from the date of receiving data.

Is the batch upload possible in BIS Applications?

Yes, batch upload of data is possible in the specified format.

Is the Application cost effective?

Yes, BIS Application is very cost effective and competitive against the given features and functionalities.

What is the Support & Service charge applicable?

Support & service charge is not applicable in SaaS Model whereas support & service charge is applicable in License Model on the basis of applications and enterprise categories.

How is the software deal executed?

A long-form agreement is entered and executed between BISage and Client for both SaaS and License Model.

When is the Invoice generated?

Invoice is generated against BIS Application in the first week of every month for SaaS Model. Whereas invoice is generated upon successful deployment of BIS Application in case of License Model.

What is the payment terms for both models?

Payment is to be made within 7 days from the date of Invoice for SaaS Model whereas payment can be made as per the terms of the Agreement in case of License Model.

What is the payment method?

You can make the payment against monthly/license fee through Bank Transfer, Cheque or any other acceptable methods.

Is VAT Applicable?

Yes, 13% VAT is applicable on and above monthly Fee.

Is the TDS applicable in Software Sales?

Yes, 1.5% TDS is applicable in both SaaS and License model.

How can I get the support from BISage?

BISage provides normal online support and service both in SaaS and License model. You can contact us through:
support@bisage.com.np or
Skype: HelpDesk@BISage

Is dedicated support available?

A dedicated round the clock (24×7) support is available subject to applicable charges. You can contact us through:
Viber: Customer Care-BISage

Do you provide User Manual for running the Software?

Yes, we provide User Manual for entire series of Applications.

Do you provide online training for our employee?

Yes, one time online training is provided.

Is onsite training available?

Yes, onsite training is available subject to applicable charges.